Set’s family tree

Set is descended from Ra, Atum, or Atum and Iusaaset.

His grandparents are Shu- Personification of cool air.  Tefnut, Personification of moist air.  Set’s parents are Geb, personification of Earth. Nut, personification of the sky.

His siblings are Osiris/Ausir, ruler of the underworld. Isis/Auset is the goddess of wisdom, health, and marriage.  Nephthys is the personification of night, night, decomposition, and comforting the dead.  Is some traditions his brother is Horus the Elder/Her-ur, the god of light, the great Black One.

His nephew is Horus/Heru, god of kingship, sky, war, and hunting.

Anubis/Anpu is god of cemetery, embalming, guide of souls and the higher if the heart.  In some lore he is Set’s son, in others his nephew, Sometimes he is the son of Ra. There is evidence he is one of the oldest gods in Egypt.




Day 3 of 30-favorite story about Set

I only really know one about Set but I’ve seen bits and pieces of others.  One of these pieces is Set slaying Apep.


What I know of the story is that, after the Gods decided Horus on Osiris’ throne and gave Set the desert, they enlisted Set to protect Ra as his barque passed through the underworld.  He was considered the only one aggressive enough to take out Apep/Apophis.  Apep wanted to swallow Ra and return the universe to darkness.

While the Ra traveled down the underworld river, Set stood at the prow of the boat. Ahed of his a swallow flew ahead in search of enemies.  When it saw Apep the swallow flew back ant told Set.  Set took up his harpoon and fought off Apep every night.

Image source: Joan

Day 3 of 30 days of Set

Symbols of Set.

Sha: Set’s main symbol and totem is the Set animal or Sha.  It is the creature that makes up the head of Set’s most common form.  No one actually knows what this thing is and theories range from an alien to a dog.  My personal belief is that it is a hybrid. The modern depiction of the animal is a red or black,sleek animal with an upright, forked tail. It has a long, down-curved, snout and pricked, squared off ears.  Early depictions displayed a tufted tail.


Wild Asses: Members of the horse family, Set was depicted as a wild ass or more specifically an onager. This was probably introduced during the Hittite invasion.  The Hittites inhabited the same range as the onager used to and used hybrids to pull their war chariots.(Full blooded onager wouldn’t take their crap) There where four subspecies of onager, one, the Syrian Wild Ass, has been hunted to extinction. (Source_Wikipedia

Swine: The Black Pig was a form Set took to eavesdrop on Horus and Ra.Because of this the black pig became sacred to him. This caused the pig to be associated with bad luck by many, so much so that people did not marry off daughters to swineherds.. Despite this, farmers used them to help separate wheat from chaff (Ancient Egyptian Bestiary)

Antelope: Antelope are generally desert dwelling herbivores of various sizes that range from Africa to Asia. They are know for speed and agility. The White Oryx/Arabian Oryx and Scimitar Oryx. are especially sacred to Set.The Scimitar Oryx  and a now extinct hartebeest were actually bred in captivity in Ancient Egypt to use for sacrifice and meat.  The Scimitar Oryx is considered extinct in the wild.

Hippopotamus:  The hippo is a large, amphibious, herbivorous mammal  known for aggressively defending its territory and young.  .At some point Set took the form of a white Hippo during his fight with Horus. .

Crocodile: Specifically the Nile Crocodile is sacred to Set though more commonly associated with Sobek..

Scorpion: Scorpions are nocturnal arachnids.They posses a stinger to inject venom that can either kill or hurt.  Usually the larger the scorpion the weaker the venom. Usually they are associated  with Selket(thou Scorpion would be more accurate) and the protection of Horus.

Bull: It’s aggression and strength made it a symbol of Set.

Lettuce: Set’s favorite food, especially cos/romaine.  Used by Horus to trick everyone  into thinking he penetrated his uncle instead of the other way around.  It is also considered a symbol of sexual prowess.

Sedge grass: Sharp swamp plant. The most famous type is papyrus.  Symbol for lower Egypt

Nile Carp: Was believed to have eaten Osiris’ penis after Set cut him to pieces.

Elephant nose fish. Nocturnal fish believed to have eaten Osiris’ penis.

Oxyrynchus: Another fish that ate Osiris’ penis.

Was Scepter: carried in almost every image of the gods this scepter was a symbol of power. It was also topped with the head of the sha.

Gazelle: A type of antelope.  The kind depicted are generally Soemmering and Dorcus gazelle.

Persea tree,Griffen, Serpopard, Hyena,

Maybe lapwing and fly


Day 2 How Did I first come to Know Set

I first  heard about Set in 9th grade.  My class was learning about Ancient Egypt and I got hooked. When I read about gods no one stood out until years later.  I was “Kindling The Celtic Spirit.”  and was reading about St Patrick’s Shield(I think). It was a spell/poem for protection and decided to try it while I purify the house.

For some reason I felt pulled to Set.  I replaced St.Patrick with Set and went around my house with Dragon’s Blood.(It was all I had at the time and is not recommended for purification) I could felt a positive change in the atmosphere that lasted for some time.

It wasn’t until later I found out Set fights Apep(Apophis)(The serpent who wants to return everything to darkness) every night so Ra can be reborn.


Day one of 30 days devoted to Set.

This is a general intro of Set.

He is brother to Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and sometimes Horus the Elder. He is married to Nephthys and is, in some traditions, father if Thoth by Horus the younger.  His parents are Geb and Nut, who are the children of Shu and Tefnut were created by either Atum and Iusaaset or just Atum.

At some point he murdered Osiris by suffocation and then, after Osiris was resurrected by Isis, he tore his brother to pieces. After which Osiris became Pharaoh of the dead.

Later he fought and was defeated by Horus the younger.  He then became guardian of Ra against Apep.  He was also reconciled with Horus the younger.set-svg


Topics for devotional writing

I’m going to try this

Devotee of Hermes

The following are 30 topics for 30 days of devotional writing. They are taken from a website dedicated to Hekate, but are generic enough to fit any deity, so I am dedicating January to writing about Hermes and will cover Hekate in March. Feel free to copy these questions for your own devotional writing. Even Christians can do this.

NOTE: UPG stands for Unverified Personal Gnosis — The stuff yopu just KNOW for within, without a book, scientific experiment or another person telling you.

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Election Review-NY

With the election coming up soon I’ve decided to review national and local(for me) candidates.

Wendy Long

Long is running for Senate under the republican and reform parties in New York.  She has a history as am attorney and home-school teacher.  Her stance on immigration is to hire more border enforcement agents(ICE) in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, Drug and Gang Task forces, and fraud investigation.

She plans on dealing with corruption by limiting her term to, two, and introduce term limit legislation.  Introduce legislation to reduce salary to the median home income of the US in the previous year, repeal pensions, ban lobbying for profit, and full disclosure of campaign donations.

She wants to try to eliminate unnecessary regulation, simplify tax code and lower individual tax rates, get rid special interest loopholes. She wants to also cut corporate tax  by 15%.

Her energy plan is to increase energy independence by taking advantage of shale, drilling/mining  on non-environmentally sensitive land, and open refineries.  Also, she wants to renegotiate trade teals.

Military wise, she wants to enlarge the military, change rules of engagement, stop “nation Building”, and revamp the VA.  She also supports Israel, destroy ISIL, and contain Iran. Her healthcare  plan is to repeal the affordable care act, eliminate interstate restrictions, expand healthcare savings accounts, repeal individual mandate, protect Medicare and Medicaid, protect people with preexisting conditions,and restore high-risk pools.

Lastly, she promises to end Common Core, abolish the Federal Department of Education, Support education vouchers and choice, and refinance student .


Robin Laverne Wilson

Running on the Green Party ticket, Wilson plans to encourage renewable energy, local sustainable food supplies, divest from fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and Protect the environment.  She also wants to overhaul the educational system, free public college tuition,  universal housing and healthcare, end mass surveillance , introduce laws to protect civil rights.  Then there is police transparency, election reform and ballot access, legalize weed,  recall troops, neutrality, immigration reform, debt relief for students and mortgages, indexed living wages, income cap, co-ops, and universal public internet.


CHuck Schumer

Career politician running as a Democrat.


ALex Merced

Libertarian party runner.

His goal is transparency, get government out of lending, Abolish the Department of Education, make interest rates to reflect market,  isolationism and war declaration left to legislative branch, More accessibility to resources that will enable job training.