Names of Dionysus-B-C


Bicorniger- Two-horned.  represents the audacity alcohol inspires.

Biformis/Dimorphos- two-formed-refrences his ability to be male and female, young and old, pleasent and not so much.

Bimater-two mother-referencing Dionysus’ mother Semele and Zeus’ thigh.


Bucornis- references Dionysus using a drinking horn.


Chiropsalas- Player of the harp

Choiropsalas- Sow-seeker-referencing his virility

Choopotes- Deep-drinker

Choroimanes- Mad after dancing. Referencing trance through dance.

Chrysokeros- golden-horned.  Referencing the sun

Chrysokomes- Golden-haired. Solar reference

Chrysomitres- girdle.headband of gold



Corymbifer-Bearing a cluster of berries.  Berry plants are sacred to Dionysus.

Dionysos riding on a panther. Ca. 120—80 B.C. Delos, House of the Masks.


Freya: Modern need, ancient goddess


Goddess Freya true

I am Heathen, which honestly is not the same as pagan.  I am a hard polytheist who understands the gods and goddesses, however imperfectly we understand them, are discrete knowable entities with a nature that springs not from our need, but from their essence.  The gods that I have built a relationship with are the gods of my northern European ancestors; those familiar to the Scandinavian or German, rather than the Celt, Frank, Latin, or Pict that is also in my lineage.
We build relationships with them through the gifting cycle because of our need, but I do not honestly think they are born from it, anymore than I think Oxygen is released by plants because we need to breathe it.  We need much from them, and I would suggest from the length of the reciprocal gifting relationships we have built between our folk and our gods and goddesses, that…

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Euro-centrism, Afrocentrism, Ethnocentrism, it’s all BS

Nok Terracotta


Ethnocentrism limits us as a species.  What is it? It’d judging your own country or culture better than everyone elses.  It is somewhat a natural thing, it has a hormonal reward just like all other methods people use to make them feel better or justify being jerks.  Being American I mainly come across American Exceptionalism, Eurocentrism, ans Afrocentrism.

American Exceptionalism Is basically the US saying it’s the best country in the world.  That American does no wrong.  The problem is that is, obviously that’s not the case.  What with the infant mortality rate, shady dealing that were probably mostly unnecessary, ect.

I grew up with Euro-centrism in school.  We learned of Europe and the exploits of white Americans.  Slavery was barely touched of despite helping build the country.  The Native Americans were barley mentioned outside attacking settlers.  We didn’t learn what instigated these attacks, we didn’t learn that no side was innocent of atrocities.  The Tail of Tears was barely touched on.  The “schools” weren’t touched on at all.  We didn’t learn of the atrocities directed toward the mentally ill or the Japanese interment camp.  The American revolution was simplifies to make America look good. The list goes on.

In other parts of the world we learned a little about Islam and less about how middle Eastern scholars contributed to the world.  We barely touched on China aside from it’s old and big. Less on India, SE Asia, Australia, or Japan.

Once I got online I found out about Afrocentrism.  Apparently this in mostly an American thing that is a response to discrimination as opposed the arrogance.  It’s based on mostly 19th century writings now its mostly Molefi Asante .  For some reason it appears to be focused on Ancient Egypt/Khemet.

Like Eurocentrism, Afrocentrism misrepresents history.  Both theories seem to focus on Egypt to the point of ignoring evidence elsewhere.  For example, it’s been confirmed that was a civilization that existed called Nok somewhere around Nigeria.  Also  the civilization that made the pottery in Ghana which shows evidence of trade relations in both Europe and Asia.    As Afrocentrism says Egypt was “Black African”, Eurocentrism says that Egypt was Nordic. Evidence based on science says Egypt was/is mixed.   Focus on Egypt also discounts archaeological evidence showing it as a mixed civilization.  Humans have never lived in a bubble.

Also, like Eurocentrism, Afrocentrism minimizes the accomplishments of others.   For example the Olmec people, best known for carving giant heads. Many look stereo-typically African but no one knows their heritage.  There are legends of pale skinned people that get Eurocentric people riled up.  The previously mentioned Ghanaian civilization was hushed up because archaeologists of the time couldn’t see black Africans doing what the evidence suggested.  (This mindset is part of the reason there is Afrocentrism to begin with, a response to getting hidden.)

I understand why Ethnocentrism exists.  It make people feel good no matter the reasons for it, like trying to empower people otherwise brushed under a rug.(Afrocentrism). Or trying to justify behavior(Euro and Sinocenrtism, Nazism).  In the end I believe no one people is better than the other and history needs to based on science, always changing to suit the evidence.  No matter were our ancestors came from or how often idiots try to suppress the truth, we all have a lot in common and we can learn from each other.

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Mistakes about Dionysus

One of the many misconceptions on Dionysus is that he’s a hardcore drunk.  Understandable considering he’s the god of wine.

Bacchus from Disney’s Fantasia 

As in the above depiction, he’s usually the stupid kind of drunk.  A careless idiot. all about the party. Basically a stereotypical frat boy.  He’s rarely like this however.

In the Bacchae, a play were he is featured, shows him as relatively level headed in his attempt to get his family to accept him.  It does show how savage he can though.

Dionysus is not care free, he’s not always cuddly.  In his lore there are instances of his followers ripping apart people and other animals, overtaken by madness brought on by the god.  A response to their disrespect.  This disrespect can be spying on his rituals to victimizing himself(attempting to) or his followers.

The depiction of Dionyus as a drunk, for me, is disrespectful.  This is due to what little I know about Ancient Greek drinking habits. First of all, alchohol, juice, and milk , were a matter a nessecity.  The ancients understood that they could get hydration from other sources that didn’t cause things like dysentary as water wasn’t as clean as it often is today.

The men of Greece and Rome(Convivium) partook in something called a Symposium.  A symposium was a drinking party were ideas were often exchanged, poems spoken, debate was had.  It was overseen by symposiarch who decided how strong the wine was. (they mixed wine w/water) He would also prevent parties from getting out of hand, like Dionysus is often depicted.  This was because mindless drunkenness was seen as a weakness as was disrespectful of oneself and the host..

Dionysus is the god of symposiums and I suppose he’s be the Symposiarch.  Because of what symposiums are, he, to me, is the god of social exchange and the exchange of ideas.



The Bacchea by by Euripides


Name and titles of Dionysus. A

The most common alternate name is Bacchus, his Roman title. they also called him Liber.

Other lames include Eleftaerefs “Deliverer”

Erivromos “Loud-roaring”


Ernesipeplos “Wrept is foliage”

Agnos “Holy/pure”

Agrionios “Living in the fields”

Agrios “”living in the fields, wild”

Aigovolos “Destroyer of the goats”

Aiolomorphos “Changing form”

Aiohn ”

Aisymnitis “Appointer of destiny”.”

Aithiopais”Child of the burnt land”

Akratopotis “inmoxed wine”

Alysius “cure for madness”

Amphietes “celepreated yearly”

Amphithales “flourishing on all sides”

Amvrotos ”

Anax “Lord”

Antavyis “sparkling one”

Anthefs “blooming/crowned with flowers”

Aonius Deus “Theban god”

Areios “warlike”

Arritos “mind that can’t be understood”

Axites “worthy, giver of increase”

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4×5 original


Deities associated with Dionysus

Osiris/Wesir. The Egyptian god Osiris is associated with Dionysus to the point that they were merged after the Macedonians took Egypt.  He’s The of Isis, brother of Nephthys,  and Set. In some cases He’s brother of Horus the elder. Their parents are Geb and Nut. The reasons for the associations between the two gods stems from Osiris’ connection with agriculture and his rebirth, twice.  Osiris is also the judge who dictated the fates of the dead.


Sabazios.  The Thracian god Sabios is usually depicted as a hand covered with religious symbols.

Priapos.  He began as a Mysian god who became Greek and then was adopted as an aspect of Dionysus.  He’s easily recognized by his giant penis and small stature.  He presided over the fertility of crops.

Tammuz.  Tammuz is a Semetic god best known for dying and being reborn.  He;s also an agriculture and vegetation god.  He goes to the underworld as a replacement for Inanna.

Orotalt. A pre Islamic Arabian god.