I live!

I suck at motivation. I haven’t been sitting around though.

Starting June and ending in the beginning of July I was on my first archaeological dig in Jamestown NY.  It was an internship with Dr Tom Greer Through Jamestown Community College.  It was at the Fenton History Center and is called the Walnut Grove Archaeology Project.

The goal of the project is to find information on the Fenton family’s, who built the mansion, daily life.  Since Reuben Fenton, the head of the household, was gone doing things like being governor, senator, Representative, town supervisor, ect, we are mostly learning about his wife, Elizabeth,  4 children, servants and the people who came after them.

When I got to the Center they had unearthed a footer of an add-on who’s purpose was unknown.  By the second day we found a well no one knew about.  After a while we moved to the carriage house and began excavation.   Before my internship was up we found a small feature and an underground electric line. Not sure what was found after  had to leave.  (couldn’t afford gas money of bus fare)


Fenton History Center

Wallnut Grove Archeology project



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