Names of Dionysus-B-C


Bicorniger- Two-horned.  represents the audacity alcohol inspires.

Biformis/Dimorphos- two-formed-refrences his ability to be male and female, young and old, pleasent and not so much.

Bimater-two mother-referencing Dionysus’ mother Semele and Zeus’ thigh.


Bucornis- references Dionysus using a drinking horn.


Chiropsalas- Player of the harp

Choiropsalas- Sow-seeker-referencing his virility

Choopotes- Deep-drinker

Choroimanes- Mad after dancing. Referencing trance through dance.

Chrysokeros- golden-horned.  Referencing the sun

Chrysokomes- Golden-haired. Solar reference

Chrysomitres- girdle.headband of gold



Corymbifer-Bearing a cluster of berries.  Berry plants are sacred to Dionysus.

Dionysos riding on a panther. Ca. 120—80 B.C. Delos, House of the Masks.


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