Name and titles of Dionysus. A

The most common alternate name is Bacchus, his Roman title. they also called him Liber.

Other lames include Eleftaerefs “Deliverer”

Erivromos “Loud-roaring”


Ernesipeplos “Wrept is foliage”

Agnos “Holy/pure”

Agrionios “Living in the fields”

Agrios “”living in the fields, wild”

Aigovolos “Destroyer of the goats”

Aiolomorphos “Changing form”

Aiohn ”

Aisymnitis “Appointer of destiny”.”

Aithiopais”Child of the burnt land”

Akratopotis “inmoxed wine”

Alysius “cure for madness”

Amphietes “celepreated yearly”

Amphithales “flourishing on all sides”

Amvrotos ”

Anax “Lord”

Antavyis “sparkling one”

Anthefs “blooming/crowned with flowers”

Aonius Deus “Theban god”

Areios “warlike”

Arritos “mind that can’t be understood”

Axites “worthy, giver of increase”

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4×5 original



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