Deities associated with Dionysus

Osiris/Wesir. The Egyptian god Osiris is associated with Dionysus to the point that they were merged after the Macedonians took Egypt.  He’s The of Isis, brother of Nephthys,  and Set. In some cases He’s brother of Horus the elder. Their parents are Geb and Nut. The reasons for the associations between the two gods stems from Osiris’ connection with agriculture and his rebirth, twice.  Osiris is also the judge who dictated the fates of the dead.


Sabazios.  The Thracian god Sabios is usually depicted as a hand covered with religious symbols.

Priapos.  He began as a Mysian god who became Greek and then was adopted as an aspect of Dionysus.  He’s easily recognized by his giant penis and small stature.  He presided over the fertility of crops.

Tammuz.  Tammuz is a Semetic god best known for dying and being reborn.  He;s also an agriculture and vegetation god.  He goes to the underworld as a replacement for Inanna.

Orotalt. A pre Islamic Arabian god.


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