Day 4 Family Tree


Dionysus’ family tree his huge thanks to Zeus.  Because of this I’ll start with his human mother.

Semele was the daughter of, Cadmus, founder of Thebes.  Her mother  was Harmonia, goddess of Harmony. To the Estuscian , Semia.  To the Romans she is  Stimula.

Cadmus, Semele’s father was Boeotian, a city-state in Central Greece. He was considered the greatest monster slayer.  His sister was Europa.  Agenor and Telapassa Are the parents of Cadmus. They are descended from Poseidon and Libya, princess of Egypt.  Libya was the daughter of Pharaoh Epaphus or Apis and queen Memphis. Epaphus was son of Io and Zeus.  Memphis was the daughter of Nilus, who was the personification of the Nile and makes her a river nymph.  Talapassa  may have also been a daughter of the Nile and a cloud nymph, Nephele. Nephele was created by Zeus.

Harmonia is the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite.  Ares is the son of Hera and Zeus, making him Dionysus half brother.  Zeus and Hera are the children of Chronos and Rhea who descend from Gaia and Uranus.  Dionysus has countless siblings.


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