Body Positive

Been Learning about body positivity today and noticed a lot of what I believe are misconceptions.My definition of  body positive  is looking at and treating my body in a positive way.  To be honest, I haven taught myself how to do that vary well yet.

Some people look down on body positivity as “Fat Acceptance”.

Why treat people like crap because they are “fat”? Seriously.  Accepting that there are fat people, like myself shouldn’t be a big deal.  That written, I would add that the idea is self acceptance.  That means being flat-chested is also okay. Having scars is okay. Having a flat butt is okay. Being skinny is also okay. That’s the whole point. People who put others down for being different are not people promoting body positivity, no matter what they say.

There’s a belief that body positive promotes unhealthy lifestyle.

You know what really promotes an unhealthy lifestyle?

Treating others like shit.

Thinking your disgusting because  what your body or parts of it don’t fit what your taught is beautiful.

Positive thinking has been proven to do the opposite of making people unhealthy.  Acceptance of yourself means less emotional eating. Getting out more because you know the disrespect is BS.  (Source: Health at Every Size. Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins)

Being positive about your body is feminist.

Well, yeah, so?

I’ll admit that most people promoting being positive are women.  Women are the most often negatively targeted..  The attacks on men and boys are growing though.

That said, nothing is stopping men from stepping up and insisting that it’s okay for a guy to not have a 6 pack, wear pink, be a florist, or dance.

An added note.  I’m living proof that being positive  is not constant.  It’s something I need to train myself  to do. I will accept that being positive will not be constant,  I will recognize that it is a skill I will learn and recognize the symptoms of oncoming episodes.  I say episodes because body negativity is worse for me when my depression and/or anxiety is beginning to rise.




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