Setian writings pt 1

Some books that I believe resonate well with Set…. Starting with  my favorites

The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker is a book about listening to our instincts.  It is based on the authors experiences as well as survivors of trauma, and science. Fortunately it’s not written like a text Book and he keeps it entertaining despite the heavy topic.

On Killing by Lt Col Dave Grossman. Written by a US Army Ranger and Psychologist, this book is discussed the methods used by the military to get past the reluctance most of us have to kill,  How killing affects the soldier, and how some of these methods are used on the civilian population. The book draws on candid and often disturbing interviews, the authors experience, and science.

Images of Set is a well researched book on Set by Joan Lansbury.  It goes in depth on the history of the god based on his imagery.

Set, God of confusion By H.Te Velde is a book I found randomly in the Library at my college. It is a history of Set in Egypt.

The Song of Set by Judith Page.  Poetry describing a version of the history of Set. It also has some of Page’s beautiful art.



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