What do I admire about Set?

I have anxiety issues that I allow to often control my decisions, I think this may be why I admire Set’s ability to make decisions.  Granted some aren’t the best decisions in my opinion but I still admire the skill.  I also admire Set’s ability to use force to protect, specifically Ra and those in the early dynastic Egypt who asked for it.  I have called for his protection the first time I purified my home and I felt him during that time, for that I am grateful, even if I suck at showing it.  I admire his strength in battle and in will.  This strength that force Horus to cheat and turn to his mother for help.  Lastly I admire his ability to eventually work with his nephew, Horus the Younger.

There are things that i don’t admire about Set as well.  I don’t admire his possible use of sex to dominate Horus the Younger. The prospect of rape terrifies me, even more so that for some it’s a fact of life.     I do not admire his murder of Osiris(twice) or that  he forced nephew to live in hiding.




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