Set and Sexuality

I didn’t forget

All my sources indicate that the Set has a veracious sexual appetite.  He appears to be a representative of sex for pleasure as many prayers indicate. He also represents sex as dominance as his “seduction” of Horus indicates.

In the Middle Kingdom Papyrus Illahun is found a nearly complete version of the “Contending of Horus and Set” is found one view of sexuality in Egypt.  It reveals one of the more disturbing aspects of Set.  In this version he got Horus drunk and raped him.  The idea was to shame Horus out of being Pharaoh.  As of the Middle Kingdom being on the receiving end sex or possibly being unable to fend off an attacker was considered shameful for a man.  At least to that author.  My opinion leans more to the warrior being unable fend off an attacker. This is is due to the apparent acceptance of at least 2 gay couples in Egyptian records. Isis found out about the attack and used her magic to move the semen to Set’s dinner.  In the end Set was outsmarted.

When it came to general attraction there is evidence in the Early Dynastic period that Set was called upon in love spells and charms.1.



1. Joshua J. Mark, “Set (Egyptian God),” Ancient History Encyclopedia, last modified March 07, 2016, /Set_(Egyptian_God)/.





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