Devotional to Sutekh

Shadows of the Sun

I’m beginning my Kemetic entries with a few devotionals/prayers I wrote myself. My devotionals are my own way of both addressing and praising the Gods, and opening and concluding ritual. Prayer books are never a bad idea, especially if you don’t know where to start, or how to address a deity. By the same token, I encourage others to write their own poetry or prayers for the Gods of their understanding; that in and of itself is a great offering.

The first of these devotionals is dedicated to Sutekh, with Whom I have long shared a very . . . strong relationship (that may or may not be discussed in greater depth at a later date).

Hail, Mighty Sutekh!
O Thou Red Rager of Great Exuberance,
Who tore Himself with violence from Nut’s Womb,
O Thou of Thousandfold Strength,
O Thou Insurmountable Spearman
Who mans the prow of the Boat…

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