Day 17 of 30 days of Set

Set relates to different pantheons in a couple different ways.  One way is the people who honor that pantheon believe Set to be a version of a specific god. Another way is that they marry him to some of their goddesses.

The Greeks who called him Seth, saw Set as Typhon, the younest titan and deadliest being in their mythology. As Typhon, Set was paired with Echidna. This would have made him the father of Cerberus, Orthrus(2 headed dog) and Leanean Hydra. Later the Caucasian Eagle, Chimera, Ladon(a dragon) and more.

anat_anathThe Hittites associated him with Teshub, their storm god. This would have paired him with Arinniti, their sun goddess. This made him father a mountain god named Sarruma and Inara, goddess of wild animals and the steppes.

In some accounts, Nephthys is not Sets only wife.  The goddesses Anat and Astarte where added to his family. Anat is a Semitic goddess of war.  This is probably due to his identification with the storm god Hadad. She stands by Set/Hadad against Horus and is considered the daughter of Re in this tradition. Astarte is actually Ishtar, a Semitic goddess of sex, fertility, and war. As Sets wife she also aided him against Horus and she’s Re’s daughter..

Sources” Wikipedia


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