A resolution on Israel

I recently found out that the UN passed a resolution that declared Israel’s settlements in Palestine illegal.  Netenyahu is pissed and blaming the US for not blocking the resolution. In fact, It looks like the US helped draft the resolution.  Of course FOX is whining about it while showing a basic ignorance of history.  I’m glad that this resolution was passed.

Fox’s stance on this resolution is that the US should stay out of a basic land dispute that happens after a war.  This were the ignorance come in. The US actually helped cause this dispute.  Looking to the past we can see that the modern State of Israel is not the Israel in the Bible despite being in the same general area.

The modern state of Israel was created towards the end of World War II with the help of Britain, who had colonized Palestine, and the United States.  After the war Britain found itself in conflict with the Judaism and Arabs due to Jewish immigration to the colony. The Jewish community wanted limits lifted and the colony handed over to them.  A small number of people created Jewish resistance groups and attacked British power centers.  The British responded by trying to come up with a solution that would be okay with the the Jewish and Muslim population.

It failed.

That’s when the UN got involved and came up with a two state system and a shared Jerusalem.  The Jewish representatives agreed, the Arabs however, didn’t want partition their land. A civil war broke out causing  Palestine’s economy collapse and Arab Palestinians fled or were forced from their homes. In 1948 the modern State of Israel was born and was promptly attacked by other countries.(Arab-Israel War) In the end Jordan annexed the West Bank and Egypt took the Gaza Strip.  More then 7oo,ooo Palestinians fled before Israel.  Then came the 6 Days-War when Israel took the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem.  Then the Yom Kippur War  that lead to the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt with the help of Jimmy Carter.

When not at war the Israeli government is literally bulldozing it’s way through the homes of the people still living in the areas taken in the wars.  This is encouraged by the mass immigration of Jewish people from other countries, terrorist attacks, a sense entitlement, the right of conquerors, and probably other things.

This is being threatened now with the new UN decoration and I’m okay with that.  Their settlements help encourage terrorist activity so maybe, if it’s enforced, it will make recruitment harder.  I also hope that the US will be less influenced by Israel, but I highly doubt it.



The World Fact Book




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