Day 15 of 30 days of Set

I honestly know of only a few mundane things I would associate with Set.  One of these things is sex. . Possibly practicing a fighting style, or participating in a combat sport.

Set is said to have a veracious sexual appetite for both men, his sexual encounter with Horus,  and women.  He appears incapable of getting woman pregnant, so sex is probably more for the fun of it.  This was accepted in ancient Egypt, this includes homosexuality(as long as you weren’t passive)  The only issue Egyptians seem to have had with sex was if it were acts of infidelity, bestiality, and necrophilia.  They weren’t big on publicly depicting the act in art either.  It’s easy for me to see how sex for fun could be associated with Set.

Source:  Ancient Egyptian sexuality

Set is a war god so I imagine if martial arts was a part of my life I would associate it with Set.  I can’t perform any martial arts but I do watch it from time to time.  This I associate with Set.  I could also associate watching war and martial arts movies with him as well.



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