Day 8 of 30 days of Set.

Evolution of Set.

Set has changed a lot since humans first started worshiping him. Originally well respected throughout Egypt, especially in upper Egypt.  Overtime he came to represent the devil to many. Partly due to a combination of the Cult of Osiris gaining power, invasion by the Hyksos, and resistance to unification/takeover.

regional variations.

Bull of Ombos– Ombos  is the Classical name for Naqada, known to Ancient Egyptians as NBWT.  A governate in Egypt, Naqada was known for gold and was the main cult center of Set.  Now it’s known for it’s pre-dynastic  necropolis, the culture that created the Necropolis in is known as Naqada I-III.

Lord of Sepermeru. The North Egyptian border town was a cult center of Set.  Nephthys had a smaller, independent, temple next to “The House of Set”. Smaller shrines were dedicated to him in the XIX and XX dynasties.

To the boarder towns along the desert Set took the form of Lord of the Oasis.

Above right is a trace by Joan Lansbury. Set in his Asiatic form.  Left is Set as the Bull of Ombos.


Set as a donkey in a Roman curse papyrus.

Image Sources are Jaon Lansberry


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