Names and Titles of Set. Day 7

Day 7 if 30 days of Set, the titles and epithets of Set.  Theseare only a few.

His names, other than Set are, Seth, Sutekh, Setesh, Setekh, Set-Typhon, Bawy, and Suty.

He is the Bull of Ombos. Lord of Sedges.  Limitless. Awesome of Form.

God of confusion.  Red Lord. Soldier on the Prow of Ra’s boat.

Slayer of his brother.  Lord of the Red Lands. Beast of Netjer.

Storm God. Lord of the Northern Sky. Dazzeling god. Lord of Thunder.

He is Great of Magic,  Guardian of Ra, Slayer of Apathy. Lord of Might.

He, Before Whom the Sky Trembles. Lord of the Oasis.  Mighty-of-Arm

Beautiful God. Master of the South. Lord of Tjebu,

“a man of an infinite number of cubits, whose name is ‘Evil Day’. As for the day of giving birth and becoming pregnant—there is no giving of birth and sycamores will not bear figs.”


From _Symbol and the Symbolic_, by R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, page 37


The  God Set

Henadology\ Set

Songs for the Netjeru-Set

Image Source: Images of Set


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