Set’s family tree

Set is descended from Ra, Atum, or Atum and Iusaaset.

His grandparents are Shu- Personification of cool air.  Tefnut, Personification of moist air.  Set’s parents are Geb, personification of Earth. Nut, personification of the sky.

His siblings are Osiris/Ausir, ruler of the underworld. Isis/Auset is the goddess of wisdom, health, and marriage.  Nephthys is the personification of night, night, decomposition, and comforting the dead.  Is some traditions his brother is Horus the Elder/Her-ur, the god of light, the great Black One.

His nephew is Horus/Heru, god of kingship, sky, war, and hunting.

Anubis/Anpu is god of cemetery, embalming, guide of souls and the higher if the heart.  In some lore he is Set’s son, in others his nephew, Sometimes he is the son of Ra. There is evidence he is one of the oldest gods in Egypt.




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