Day 6 of Set

There are many similar deities to Set world wide.  The most famous are Typhon and Baal.

Typhon is a son of either Gaia and Tartarus  or Gaia and he anger at the gods for killing the Titans. In one hymn he is the son of Hera.  He is described as a huge, hundred headed, reptilian,  entity. His mate was Echidna with whom he bore Cerberus, Orthus, Hydra, and Chimera. Some sourses have them birthing more monsters as well.  Unlike most deities of the Greeks, Typhon appears to have been monogamous. He was eventually defeated by Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus , inside Mt Etna, or under the island of Ischia.  He is associated with Set through the Greeks.

Baal is a Semetic god who’s name may be unknown(Baal is a title meaning “Lord”) He is a god of weather, fertility, seasons, war, ans sailors. He is also the leader of the Phoenician ancestral spirits known as Rephiam.  He is mentioned multiple times in the Bible and has a demon named after him.  He became associated with Set when Egypt was conquered by the Hittites

Teshub is a Hittite/Hurrian dos of the sky and Storms.


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