Day one of 30 days devoted to Set.

This is a general intro of Set.

He is brother to Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and sometimes Horus the Elder. He is married to Nephthys and is, in some traditions, father if Thoth by Horus the younger.  His parents are Geb and Nut, who are the children of Shu and Tefnut were created by either Atum and Iusaaset or just Atum.

At some point he murdered Osiris by suffocation and then, after Osiris was resurrected by Isis, he tore his brother to pieces. After which Osiris became Pharaoh of the dead.

Later he fought and was defeated by Horus the younger.  He then became guardian of Ra against Apep.  He was also reconciled with Horus the younger.set-svg



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